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Microfiber bedlinen buying advice

To choose the right product from the above microfiber bedding test or comparison

Microfiber bed linen is very popular in German beds. Not for nothing: it is lightweight, durable and available in many elegant and modern designs.
    Pay attention to pollutant-tested models: Most high-quality microfiber bed dinged sets are tested according to the Oeko-Tex standard 100 and certified accordingly.
    Microfiber bed linen is usually washable at up to 60°. However, a colour-friendly washing temperature of 40° is usually sufficient for the removal of normal dirt.

Microfiber Bedding Test

How often do you change your bed linen? 40% of Germans do this only every 3 weeks– as reported by Die Welt in reference to an international study by the National Sleep Foundation. This makes Germany the world's top destination in terms of hygiene in the bedroom.

Is it perhaps because there are too few sets of bed linen in the cupboard? According to Ökotest (edition 11/2008), germans spend only €12.50 per capita per year on new bed linen. Unlike clothing, most households do not buy new bed linen every season, but only on special occasions, such as when partnering with the partner.

Microfiber bed linen has several advantages in this respect: it is comparatively cheap to purchase and easy to handle, as it is quickly dry again after washing. In addition, microfiber comes in a variety of designs and hardly takes up any space in the cabinet because of the thin fabric. In our Microfiber BedDing Comparison 2020 you will find out what is to be considered when purchasing these light and fine duvet covers.

What is special about microfiber bedding?

Microfiber bedding is light, airy and easy to care for.

Microfiber bedding is light, airy and available in many designs that match your furniture.

Microfiber bedding is the right choice for pragmatists: Light and airy like silk, but durable and wrinkle-free – this is how practical experiences with microfiber bedding are usually described. The easy-care material also dries very quickly on a leash after washing. But what exactly is microfiber bedding?

Microfiber is called this because the fabric consists of particularly thin fibres, which are many times finer than cotton or silk fibres. It is therefore perceived as particularly soft and pleasant on the skin. At the same time, microfiber bedding is breathable. The microfiber fabric can be made from different materials – from natural as well as cotton as well as from synthetic as well as polyester.

Microfibre fabrics are used everywhere in the household because of their easy handling. As bed linen, they provide a pleasant temperature balance in summer as well as in winter and are also less prone to lint formation.

At this point we have summarized once again the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber bedding for you:

airy-light texture - microfiber bedding ideal in summer
    durable and washable at 60° C
    wrinkle-free - no ironing required
    available in a wide range of colours and designs

mostly made of synthetic material (polyester)

Perkal bed linen purchase advice:
To choose the right product from the percal bedding test or comparison above

The most important things in a nutshell

What is Perkal bedding? 

The term percal means cloth (from the Persian of pargalah). It is a dense cotton fabric made of fine threads. Due to the production, the percal fabric is particularly solid, durable and has a smooth, supple surface. This offers you particularly high sleep comfort.
    If you want to buy the best percal linen, we recommend a version made of 100% cotton. Compared to percal bedding https://enjoyablehouse.com/best-bedding-for-bunk-beds/ with up to 50% polyester content, the cotton models are more breathable. They sweat less at night and have a more pleasant sleep.
    They have not only white percal linen to choose from, but bedding in different colors and sizes. When purchasing, make sure that the bed linen is washable up to 60 °C and is suitable for the dryer. Some Perkal bedlinen sedans also comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that the bed linen has been tested for harmful substances.

Microfiber bedlinen buying advice

To choose the right product from the above microfiber bedding test or comparison Microfiber bed linen is very popular in German beds. Not ...